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Regal Cats in Oil by Eldar Zakirov [website | deviantart]

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Reblogging for turban cat.

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Friends appreciating friends.

I love bobby.

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Best moment in the whole series.

The Boulder is over his conflicted feelings.

In an alternate reality where “The Last Airbender” movie was good, I like to believe that in the Book 2 movie, they cast Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as The Boulder without a lick of irony.

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A student blows up at a teacher, drops the F-bomb. The usual approach at Lincoln – and, safe to say, at most high schools in this country – is automatic suspension. Instead, Sporleder sits the kid down and says quietly: “Wow. Are you OK? This doesn’t sound like you. What’s going on?”

He gets even more specific: “You really looked stressed. On a scale of 1-10, where are you with your anger?” The kid was ready. Ready, man! For an anger blast to his face….”How could you do that?” “What’s wrong with you?”…and for the big boot out of school. But he was NOT ready for kindness.

The armor-plated defenses melt like ice under a blowtorch and the words pour out: “My dad’s an alcoholic. He’s promised me things my whole life and never keeps those promises.” The waterfall of words that go deep into his home life, which is no piece of breeze, end with this sentence: “I shouldn’t have blown up at the teacher.” Whoa.


Lincoln High School in Walla Walla, WA, tries new approach to school discipline — suspensions drop 85% (via mchotdog)

what a radical idea yo

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imagine that, providing a semblance of emotional/psychological support for people actually HELPS them???!?!?!? no way!

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